I like doing experiments in IPython notebook, or Jupyter as it’s known these days. But why would I keep all the fun to myself? I want to show my results to the world!

I’d like to use run an experiment, and then use the data to make cool interactive visualizations. Then I want to publish them to the web. Let’s see if it works!

Running code in the browser

Here’s a script that adds some text to the output cell:

element.append('Hello World!')

Using data from an old run

Now I’m running some Python code that sets a Javascript variable in its output.

from IPython.display import Javascript
import json

dutch_cities_population = {
    'Amsterdam': 826659,
    'Rotterdam': 619879,
    'Den Haag': 510909,
    'Utrecht': 330772

json.dump(dutch_cities_population, open('dutch_cities_population.json', 'w'))

d3.json("./dutch_cities_population.json", function(error, populations) {
  $.each(populations, function( key, value ) {
      var button = $('<button></button>');
      button.click(function() { alert(key + '\'s population is ' + value); }  );


The configuration that I use to turn it into a Jekyll blog post is in this gist.